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Welcome to - Green Energy Future!
[intro]WOODS2WATTS is a new Tennessee, USA based green energy startup with new IP and patent pending products. We will briefly describe how the patent-pending system works below.
The raw Fuel for the system is taken from nature or from paper waste. The leaves and sawdust are otherwise going to rot and produce methane which is a far worse greenhouse gas than is Co2 by a factor of between 60-150 times depending on the source.
The stored Fuel for the system is comprised largely of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen gas.
The produced CO H2 mixture is then routed into a piston and compressed. The resultant gas is stored in a tank. This tank is then available as a "battery" charging up to 150 to 300 psi. The system is monitored by sensors continuously.
The CO/H2 compressed gas is then carefully metered into the intake of a generator using a feedback-loop-governed stoichiometric burn. The result is virtually all of the fuel is burned inside the motor.
The AlcheGrinder attachment enbables the user to take anything from leaves and sticks to full pieces of firewood and break them into useful matter streams.

Larger versions of the device suitable for municipalities, industry, and educational applications are possible – but no matter the purpose for the electricity’s usage, methane is always being prevented from being released and dirtier coal or other fossil fuels are not required.

We are looking for backers, early adopters and fans of the technology to help us bring this to reality. A scale prototype is currently under construction and we need funds to continue the project.

Together, we can keep the promise of a green energy future and clean air and skies to our children as well as reduce our need for fossil fuels without taking up large tracts of land for solar or windmills.